About us.

Name of this currencey is SRG Coin.

SRG is one of the best platform at present to grow up your money more then you think another.

Founder: Mr. Ram Nath Shranga. He is a reputable businessman residing in Mumbai.

  • Our Goal: Our goal is to achieve an SRG rate of 10,000 for 1 coin within 3 years. We aim to empower the Indian middle class, fostering growth, understanding, and connection with global policies and assets.
  • Our Strength: We prioritize the security of your funds, offering unprecedented safety in the world of cryptocurrency. As pioneers, we introduce the first-ever lower cap in crypto, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility. Our focus is on empowering the middle class, fostering their growth and prosperity.
  • Our Plans: We aim to establish INR Indian rupees as a globally recognized currency on a monthly basis. SRG will be an integral part of India's development, specifically targeting the growth and empowerment of the middle class. Our mission is to connect every common Indian citizen with crypto and virtual currencies, making them accessible and beneficial to all.
  • Purpose: To create a user-friendly, easily understandable, and accessible currency solution for every middle and lower-class individual in India.
  • Release Date: September 11, 2022. We guarantee that this currency's value will never fall below its initial value of 81. We provide you with the security that your money will not depreciate to zero.

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