Our Plan

SRG Trusted Features

Cryptocurrency refers to the technology that acts as a medium for facilitating the conduct of different financial transactions which are safe and secure. It is one of the tradable digital forms of money, allowing the person to send or receive funds from the other party without any help from the third-party service.

Behind the reason of SRG Price

  • 1) High valueable coin is more chance to cheat and they gives you a Big Loss.
  • 2) Middle & Lower class People don,t afford it. So the SRG Price is Low. When SRG Start The SRG Price is 81 & Now this is 108. Total Coin 10Cr Liquidityof coin is 5Cr Only. We can Say this is A Future Stic coin, The SRG Price In Just 3 year we see-10000/-

Our Investment Sector

  • 1) Hotels & Restaurants - 25%
  • 2) Shopping Malls - 20%
  • 3) Buildings & Societies - 25%
  • 4) Share Market & Asset Funds - 10%
  • 5) We reserve 20% in our company account for added security. With SRG, your money is in safe hands, offering a significant opportunity to generate substantial returns.

Coustmer income with Coin Trading

  • 1) Coin Trading: In this plan, you will buy and sell coins at your comfort and make a good profit.
  • 2) Investment with Stake Plan: In this plan, you will get a big interest on your coins every month, and you can renew or extend your stake period.

Coustmer income with Referral Plan

If anyone chooses our 3rd Referral plan, we give to him:

  • 1st level: 60 coins on only ten (10) referrals and his team is 10 members only.
  • 2nd level: 3 coins on every one referral, but at 2nd level his team is 100, so he gets 100x3=300 coins.
  • 3rd level: SRG gives 1.5 coins on every one referral, but his team is 1000 now, and he gets 1000x1.5=1500 coins.
  • 4th level: SRG gives 1 coin on every one referral, and at 4th level, you achieve a 10,000 people team, and you will get 10,000x1=10,000 coins. This journey continues for 3 years, so we can say SRG plays a big game-changer role in your life.

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